Ringtone and Bahati threw shade at each other during Mr Seed's album launch.
Ringtone and Bahati threw shade at each other during Mr Seed's album launch.

Mr Seed's album launch went down on September 13, 2021, but not without incident.

Many celebrities were in attendance to support one of their own. Ringtone joined Bahati, Mr. Seed and Dk Kwenye beat on stage. They were fundraising for Mr Seed.

"Chairman karibu bwana," The 'Sari Sari' singer said in reference to Ringtone in which Bahati interjects with,

"Na ajue ni mimi niko na Gospel song kubwa saa hii Kenya. (Ringtone should also be informed that I'm now the the one with the biggest gospel song in Kenya.)"

The two also measured their financial muscle based on who contributed higher than their rival.

"Na pia hio ihesabiwe kama ame toa zaidi yangu," Bahati said.

Ringtone known to have a flare for the dramatics replied with: "Naona huyu kijana ana jipiga piga kifua...skia niku ambie tuliwa achia followers. Followers ni nyinyi pesa ni sisi. (I can see this young man is thumping his chest...listen, issues to do with having many followers, we left that for you. You are the guy with many followers, i'm the guy with the money.)"

To which, a scuffle ensued where Bahati shoved Ringtone and grabbed the mic.

Bahati said, "Mtu hawezi kuni tukana social media na ani dharau hapa. (Someone cannot talk smack about me online and offline too)"

Adding, "Hapa ni pesa si maneno atoe. (Here the focus is money)" 

Mr Seed had to intervene to remind them that the event was about him and his launch.

"Mkumbuke event ni yangu please," Seed said.

Bahati did not stop at that he said sarcastically, "Wewe wacha chairman atoe pesa. (Let him contribute money)"

In which Ringtone left the stage as if in defeat.

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