• Sepetu likes when her partner beats her

Hamisa Mobettp
Hamisa Mobettp

Wema Sepetu was criticised this past week after she said that she likes when her partner beats her. Sepetu said this when interviewing songstress, Amber Lulu, who has been a victim of domestic violence.

She went on to write the same on her Instagram page, which has over eight million followers. 

Sepetu has been called out by different people for her sentiments. 

When asked about it in a radio show, model cum singer Hamisa Mobetto condemned domestic violence saying.

"I don't like violence. At all, at all. I don't believe in being beaten and I don't believe a woman should be beaten and vise versa. Love should be expressed in a loving way and not violence."

Even with many people asking Sepetu to apologize, she has not deleted the post and is yet to apologize.

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