Rotimi and Vanessa Mdee have been in the news this week after announcing that they are heavily pregnant.

They might be on cloud nine but that doesn't mean everyone is celebrating that news. Take for instance, Rotimi's ex, Kim Oprah, who issued a warning to Vanessa in a recent video.

In the video, tells Vanessa not to get too comfortable as she was once in that situation with him. In the Tik Tok video, Kim posted a photo of Rotimi with Vanessa and; a photo of him with her during their happy times.

‘Don’t get too comfortable sweetheart, I was his everything once too,’ She said.

Many fans weren't happy with her reaction and called her out for it telling her to move on, while others said that as it was a free world, she was allowed to say as she pleased.

This isn't the first ex among the couple to come slithering out. Just a day after their pregnancy announcement, Juma Jux, Vanessa's ex also posted a song he had sang for the couple on their pregnancy.

While it might have seemed good-hearted, I see it as an act of bad faith, with Jux subliminally reminding Rotimi that he (Juma) was still in the picture as far as Vanessa went.

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