Lulu Hassan is one of the most relatable anchors on TV. The lady who is married to her co-host Rashid Abdalla is a fan favourite for her lovely smile and infectious personality.

Don't get me started on the antics she and her hubby Rashid normally perform for their millions of adoring viewers!

But that's not the reason I am writing this article. The mother of 3 recently participated in a challenge where people are asked to name the things that they can't stand.

She disclosed that she couldn't stand pets! yep, those furry or slightly furry creatures like cats and dogs that most people keep in their homes for company and protection in some cases.

Many of her fans responded with their own "pet peeves". Some of the responses are below:

Izi mbwa ndogo zinaitwa chiwawa ni tudogo lakini tuvisirani sana na kelele mingi 😂😂😂😂

White tea with sugar



Nyama choma

Watoto na pombe



Posting food they are eating on social media...



sex kwani ni kesho




Same here. Pets

Yes really

Alcohol, makeup, partying.

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