• Loise Kim is a divorcee after her now ex-husband travelled to  Britain to look for greener pastures.

Loise Kim and Kipngetich
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A man identified as Peter Kipng'etich has declared his undying love for gospel musician Loise Kim.

Kipng'etich said that the musician had stolen his heart and that he loved her.

"Nampenda sanaa. Everytime nikicharubu kukaa, navisit tu profile sake, naambia mungu aki akinipea tu Loise Kim, hata niheri nikue pastor. silali aki juu yake. Niko na miaka 35 na mimi ni mkulima. Nataka nimuoe," he said. 

Loise Kim took to her social to respond to the declaration saying,

'Ati uyu e naku (and where is this man?). Aki mapenzi wewe. Let him first listen to my new jam 'Muthukumi' and then we can talk."

Loise Kim is a divorcee after her now ex-husband travelled to  Britain to look for greener pastures.

Speaking on the YouTube channel 'Itugi ria muturire' (Pillar of life), Loise said she had stayed with her husband for seven years with two children.

"I was raised by a Christian family but I slipped at the end of high school. At the age of 19, I got pregnant and it was very frustrating since even my pastor rejected me," she said.

The father of her child also did not visit her even after giving birth. Loise said it was her mother who encouraged her and walked with her throughout the pregnancy journey.

One year after giving birth, Loise was enrolled in college for secretarial studies. She met the man again and recalled their love. She got married to him and bore a second-born child.

"I spent seven years in that marriage peacefully and as a family, we thought of a way we would help my husband get greener pastures.

"He got a visa and went to Britain. That is where my problems started," she said.

She said while there, the first years were good and communication was also good.

"Things changed when he started receiving phone calls that I had done this and that. I would also get calls that he has done this and that. Hatred started growing, disagreements, insults."

Loise said she was faithful and loved her husband as she wanted their marriage to work.

"Unfortunately, we became enemies to an extent of him neglecting me. We stopped talking and I realised my kid's life and mine depended on me," she narrated.

Let's see if Kipngetich has a chance with Loise Kim ama anajichocha.

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