Vera Sidika has been bubbling wonderful nothings about Brown Mauzo since she announced she as pregnant early this year.

A week ago the socialite heaped more praise on the singer for being a great husband during the period. She wrote on her Instastories,

''Most of you all were busy advising me to get married and settle with a Mbabs, for money. Wealthy men bla bla... You didn't want me to experience this happiness, fulfilled and so complete. I followed my heart and what I wanted. Today, I am honestly and genuinely happy. Married to a man who loves me unconditionally. He has been there always in the pregnancy journey. Always been there.''

Whoever read the truncated message above will notice the accolades that Brown was receiving. He looked like he was the consummate hubby but I wouldn't get too comfortable if I were him.

He is on slippery ground as far as I can tell and he just doesn't know it. Why? I think he is a convenient placeholder for a socialite eager to join the motherhood ranks.

He met the requirements that she needed, that is a high-caliber sperm donor-handsome, light-skin, and was moderately successful in his career.

In short, it was all about his genetics, not about what was between his ears or the size of his wallet.

To back up my point, the socialite spoke of how she viewed men as disposable in a rant she made this week, saying,

"What's so important about these men that you can't live without? Kama ni kuachwa na kuachana it's part of life."

She also added that she wasn't afraid to be a single mother saying,

"Nikiwachwa I'll not be the first single mother on the planet. For years now, I've been planning psychologically, financially, and mentally. It takes three business days to heal and move on and when healed I'll move on and still be happy." She wrote pragmatically.

With all this information in mind, I wonder how Brown isn't seeing the writing on the wall? That his position as Vera's husband is short-term and based entirely on his breeding ability.

He is a highly prized stud being used for his genes until Vera is done with him and afterward, he will most likely be put out to pasture.

In Vera's mind, she has enough money to take care of the kids she will get with Brown with or without his future help.

Let's not forget that Brown has been accused of being a deadbeat in the recent past, something that Vera doesn't seem to care one iota about.

We all know that most smart and forward-thinking women want a man who can provide for their progeny. Why isn't Vera concerned about Brown's potential issues as a man who can provide for their kids?

Because Brown is a means to an end for Vera-to get beautiful kids that she can dot on. Whether Brown is in that future is frankly irrelevant to her.

But what do I know? I am just rambling...

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