•"Bado Nasinzia nikikuwaza ukinipa Sweet love videadly. Happy sweet 16th-anniversary babe!" -Nameless

Image: Instagram

As she celebrates her 16th marriage anniversary Wahu says she never thought she would stay married this long.

Like every new couple, the mother of two thought marriage was not for her.

Sharing a witty post on her socials, Wahu says in the first 6 months of her marriage she thought hatatoboa.

"6 months into our marriage I remember thinking alarrrrr huku nitatoboa kweli? 

And I know for a fact the feeling was mutual (usidanganye!)

But look at us now.

 With 16 years later still going strong so much I wish I knew when I was getting married! 

And so much we've learnt and continue to learn along the way...all of which is helping us to become better people, better parents, and better partners for each other.

I love you my moody Monski you are my best friend or as Tumi would say.

You're most definitely my for-lifer.

September 10th 2005 I said "I do" to you..and 16 years on, I still do. Here's to the rest of our lives.

Happy anniversary babe. I love you Nameless."

Nameless also took to his socials to celebrate his wife Wahu.

He thanked her for not only being a good wife but a good mother as well.

Msupa, imagine tumefika 16 years since we said I DO on 10 Sept 2005, to start this journey to be life partners together.

Yooooo!, We are learning a lot and have grown a lot through this journey, wueh.

I thank God for you and the Kids! I am better because of you, Tumi and Kio! I thank God I can share the great, and not so great moments with you!

 Life is short, let's give our best and do our best to get the best out of it and each other! 

Bado Nasinzia nikikuwaza ukinipa Sweet love videadly. happy sweet 16th-anniversary babe! #Sweet16"

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