Actor Joseph Kinuthia aka Omosh is now an official UDA member. The comedian was at hand at the party headquarters this afternoon where he was met by UDA Secretary-General Veronica Maina.

Omosh registered as a party member and endorsed Hustler Nation's bottom-up economic model saying it will lift ordinary Kenyans out of poverty.

Omosh at UDA headquarters
Image: Courtesy

The thespian explained that he was contemplating vying for a political seat in Nairobi County which he will announce at a later date.

Some comments from Kenyans on Omosh are below:

It is high time he uses his official name Kinuthia, His over begging habit does not augur well with that name Omosh. And he should not allow himself to be used in this manner.

"... and endorsed..." Yaani you saying Omosh is literally the'poverty ambassador'. At this point it makes more sense if he continues begging, haimpeleki vibaya

At least now tweeps don't have to contribute,he's safe now,all bills paid.

Aanze kuhustle sasa, awache ujinga wa kulialia.

UDA we trust you serikali ijayo tunatembea pamoja #Hustlernation

Sasa awache pombe,, he shouldn't wait to reach the rehabilitation stage

This sounds so comical.

That's where he belong home of handouts.

Apewe wheelbarrow.

Omosh at UDA headquarters
Image: Courtesy

Omosh will now join the likes of Jalang'o and Eric Omondi who have ventured into the political landscape.

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