MC Jessy
Image: Instagram

Churchill Show comedian MC Jessy was a 'fake' pastor in Nairobi before comedy.

Speaking during the launch of Chipukeezy Foundation, MC Jessy said he always dreamt of flying high.

Jessy joined a church in Nairobi, where he used to get a chance to preach, but nobody knew he was not saved.

"One day a very beautiful girl called Sheila approached me after the service and asked me to pray for her to fly high," he said, adding that he was smitten by her beauty.

"She was so beautiful that I could not resist as a 'pastor'," he said.

"I prayed for her: 'Sheila, whenever you need to fly, go and shine.' And because I loved her so much, I felt that I had done it perfectly."

Jessy said after two weeks, she came back to testify that she had applied for jobs for so many years but never got one.

"She said after my prayers she had been invited for the job as an in-flight attendant with Emirates flying company."

That is what made Jessy receive Christ. "Yaani, I got saved while I was still a pastor."

Chipukeezy said MC Jessy used to pray for comedians at Churchill Show and spoke blessings for them.

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