•"Desist from uttering such nonsense and desist from hanging out with women." -Jalango

Bien and his wife Chiki
Image: Instagram

Jalango has reacted to comments by Bien saying he wouldn't have a problem if his wife found another man while still married to him.

Bien says monogamy is overrated and it's funny that people assume their partners won't find other people attractive just because they are married.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, Jalango now says he can't grasp how Bien can utter such words.

Adding that he should defect as Chairman of bald men association, immediately.

"As a member of bald men association whose chairman is Bien, we deny this message, this message is from him alone.

I have been with Bien and have seen how women fall for him, Chiki is a very beautiful woman. How can he open up his mouth to say that?

Desist from uttering such nonsense and desist from hanging out from women."

Kamene was quick to defend Bien saying he is a confident man who knows his wife loves him and wouldn't leave him over her crush.

"Maybe Chiki's crush is Idris Elba, 20 years from now Idriss pops up in the 254 and she is there saying 'I love this man'.

This is the epitome of confidence, he knows his wife, she might like this one (crush), have fun and come back home, baby.

It's 2021, men have been sharing women for eternity.

Mnapepeta women Mon-Friday and go back to your wives. Men are not ready for when the shoe is on the other feet."

In a YouTube interview with 'Over Twenty Five.' Bien said, "Let's say I am married to Chiki for 30/40 years I am not expecting that I am the only dude she will be with. If she goes and meets the crush of her life, jibambe babe."

He added, "I am not in an open relationship. All I am saying is that during such a time the deal-breaker won't be sex. It can be trust or the business we have built together, the dynamics of a relationship keep changing.

No one person can own a human being, I don't own my wife. She is her own woman. "

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