•"Got one and when I think of the labour pains na vile niliumwa weeee I stopped at number one. No more."- Maureen

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Image: Instagram

Vera has expressed her desire to give birth via a Caesarean Section (CS).

The socialite and her bae Brown Mauzo are expectant with their first child.

Through her Instastories, Vera revealed she would never want to go through vaginal birth.

Fellow socialite Corazon Kwamboka who delivered her son via CS was however quick to discourage her saying the post-surgery pain is out of this world.

A section of Kenyan women who went through CS births has shared their experiences with many saying given a choice they would not have gone through with it.

Banura Mdee: CS is a nightmare. I'm a victim too after 9 months back pain still hurts.

Catherine Kinyuru: Mine was horrible. I wonder why ladies run for it. It took a whole year.

Faith Mbinya Manthi: I think people are different have had 2 C's I heal very fast 3 months up and about no back pains I engage in all activities CS all the way.

Cinto Solo: Took my scar the longest time to heal, and the pain never goes away,, I would never want a C section birth again, I wish for a V birth with my second child.

Annitah Mwende: Weeee people wait, how did you guys do it?ati 9months, 3moths completely ok? it's been 4years and still struggling with back pain, sometimes iko so severe that I can't even walk, please ebu mniambie secret hata mi nipone kabisa.

Ann Nyangari Oduor: Wee! Ata naskia thithii .when I remember after coming from the theatre I bleed until I felt unconscious it was a serious emergency.

Was transfused, and after like 3hrs had to be taken back to the theatre to be checked what was causing a lot of internal clotting..my friend that fear is still in me na it was my first baby,but wee sisemi kitu.

Maureen Adalla: And now you already have another one on the way,. Cheeiiiii. Got one and when I think of the labour pains na vile niliumwa weeee I stopped at number one. No more.

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