Rotimi and his fiancee' Vanessa Mdee regaled fans and followers with the exciting news this week that they were expecting a child.

The couple has been dating for close to two years and is head over heels for each other. It kind of makes one forget that not so long ago Vanessa had another man she was madly in love with, the singer Juma Jux.

The two dated on and off for close to 6 years and were a dream match for many. They tantalized us with their wonderful love story and many thought it would end in marriage but unfortunately, that wasn't to be.

Juma and Vanessa ended their relationship in 2019 with Vanessa meeting Rotimi in October 2019.

Since then Vanessa has moved on to the inviting arms of Rotimi who has been a loving and supportive partner for her. He quickly engaged her back in December 2020. 

But it seems that Juma still has enough passion for his ex to actually sing a song for her. Yesterday, the wealthy Tanzanian singer released a song titled, #SinaNeno, which is a dedication to Vanessa where he wishes Vanessa and Rotimi well as they prepare to be parents soon.

In the song, he re-iterates that he isn't upset with Vanessa and that he wishes them nothing but the best. Some of the lyrics are below,

"We have covered the pages, the old things, past other lives, now have peace, no war I do not hate, I pray for a good and happy life, God show me the way Sii, health, I'm used to But I'm happy to see family" says part of the lyrics. safe, I have no word You will be called mother, baby give her love I am safe, I have no word You will be called mother, baby give her love.”

This is where I come in. I dislike and disagree with what Juma did. Why? I believe it is cold, cynical and might plant the seed of distrust from Rotimi in his fiancee'. 

Juma might couch the sentiment in him being a good person, but I see it not only as profiteering from Vanessa and Rotimi but also as a constant reminder to the both of them that he is still in the picture.

Just remember how Kanye had to deal with Kim Kardashian's ex, Ray J, singing about sleeping with the mother of his kids before he did.

While Juma's version might not be as explicit, it is a subliminal reminder to Rotimi of his past influence on Vanessa and he will have to keep looking in the rear-view.

The song isn't about wishing Rotimi well but making him start making defensive plays from an ex that will just not go away.

Juma Jux with Vanessa Mdee in the past
Image: Courtesy

Most ethical men know that once an ex is committed to another man ( either in marriage or engaged) they should move on from that woman.

They know that they had their chance to keep that woman when they were together but they either lost out or it just didn't work out.

Either way, what Juma is doing is disgusting. He had a chance to commit to Vanessa for the 6 years they were together but he didn't take it.

Rotimi came along and saw a great product and decided to put a ring on it. Whose fault is that?

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