•"That is like driving someone else's car and claiming it is yours." - Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro and Jalas
Image: File

Kamene Goro has slammed men who never take care of a woman yet they want to take credit for having a beautiful bae.

According to Kamene, you can only boast about a cow producing enough milk only if you feed it.

She was responding to a text sent by Nicah the Queen in a common WhatsApp group they are all in.

The text read, "You are here introducing her as my girl and you don't even know how much her hair cost."

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, the outspoken radio host said, "Shame on you, it's not that I expect you to help me with it but. Don't come here and see a nice finished product dame msafi, amevaa poa, put together and you are here shinning out of her own hard work and investing in herself.

Hakuna siku ushawahi mwambia shika hii pesa uende salon, ama I saw this pair of shoes and bought it for you.

Yes, I am remarkable but I put the effort in being so, umenisaidia aje?"

The statement seemed to have irked Jalango who felt that such a move would lead to men without money being marginalized.

"I bring you peace and love and even hold your hand. Just because I did not contribute to your hair I should not introduce you as my girlfriend?"

But Kamene put her foot down saying a man does not have to spend much rather he should show effort.

'That is like driving someone else's car and claiming it is yours. If we are going to a function and you did not contribute to her greatness in any way, introduce her using her name. The support can be even through buying her bundles, shoes, dinner dates etc. You cant claim her if you have never contributed to her greatness."

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