• Juma Jux notes that Vanessa Mdee has grown, is glowing and is happy.

Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee
Juma Jux and Vanessa Mdee
Image: Courtesy

Tanzanian singer and songwriter Vanessa Mdee is all over the entertainment headlines after announcing her pregnancy. 

In a sweet caption on a picture of her huge baby bump, Vanessa Mdee thanked God for making it possible for her to carry the baby. 

Rotimi, her husband-to-be, said that Vanessa has been his greatest gift, and now he is about to have another gift of a son. 

When the pregnancy news went wild, fans were curious about what Vanessa Mdee's ex-boyfriend, Juma Jux would say. 

Barely two days after their big reveal, Juma Jux released a song named 'Sina Neno' where he heaped praises on Vanessa, wishing her well. 

In the song, Juma Jux notes that Vanessa Mdee has grown, is glowing and is happy. He also acknowledges that the couple(Rotimi and Vanessa) look happy together and are deeply in love. 

The singer noted that he has buried the hatchet with Vanessa Mdee, and prays for her. 

Well, we wanted a response from Juma Jux and he has decided to give it in a language he understands well, singing. 

But why didn't Juma Jux show his support for Vanessa Mdee's relationship way before? 

Juma Jux could have given good timing for his song. Because many people were anxious about his response, fans would definitely listen to the new song. 

This has worked well for Jux, as his song is now one of the most trending ones.

It is currently having 330, 000 views on YouTube, hours after it was uploaded. 

But give it up to Juma Jux for hitting the studio and coming up with such a good banger in just a few days.

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