•Esma stopped making jokes at Diamond after he beat her up

Diamond and sister Esma
Diamond and sister Esma

Esma Khan is a sister to Diamond Platnumz. The two share a mother, Mama Dangote, but are sired by different fathers.

Diamond is a half-brother to other siblings through his father's side.

But he and Esma have grown up together since they are young. 

In a recent throwback photo, Esma shared an image that saw the two pose for a photo while Diamond was a teenager.

She then captioned saying the day the photo was taken was the last time she stopped making jokes about Diamond as he gave her a blow.

"Ila dogo nilikuwa nampa vitasa huyu ila sitakuja sahau siku ya mwisho alinipa mimi ngumi hapo ndo ukawa mwisho wa kumpa vitasa nikakimbilia mche akakimbia na kudai hujui mwanaume hapigwi na mche nikabaki na manundu yangu ya ngumi Mwanaume Mwanaume tu. TBT"

(I used to joke with him a lot but I will never forget the last time I stopped, he punched me. I ran to take a branch to beat him but he ran away, I was left nursing my injuries)

Esma and Diamond
Esma and Diamond

Esma has in the past said that she and Diamond grew up well but they would have many misunderstanding like any other siblings.

Esma became famous through Diamond Platnumz who is one of the sought after singers in East Africa.

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