"Download first then come with this statement after few year's, we shall revisit. Everyone is a candidate of divorce, separation, death, or deformity Never mock someone who is going through this." -Mumbi Macharia

Brown Mauzo and Vera Sidika
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Kenyans have warned Vera Sidika not to be quick to advise Maureen Waititu after it was alleged she has denied her baby daddy Frankie access to the kids.

Socialite Vera Sidika says women who deny their baby daddies access to their children only hurt their own children.

The mom-to-be said that most women are usually bitter when a relationship ends and the only way to punish their men is by denying them access to the kids.

She said that most men will get another woman, and get kids with them.

That way, they will be happy since they will be in a position to go home and see kids even though it hurts him, not to see his other children.

Giving an example using gym enthusiast Frankie Kiarie, Vera advised women that they shouldn't punish kids for their selfish reasons,

''Then there are men who get trapped with kids, but still, send upkeep money regularly. Wants to be in the child's life, but the baby momma won't ever let them see the child.

Another piece of advice to my sweethearts, if you don't let your baby daddy see his child, maybe coz you are just bitter, you are all not together anymore etc. you are not punishing him. It's you punishing your own child.

Coz the day he moves on, dates or gets married and gets another baby in that relationship, he will have the privilege of spending time with his other baby daily, so he will be good and happy.

Even though it hurts him not to see his other children, he'll at least spend time with one. Perfect example; Frankie's situation. Let's not punish kids for our own selfish reasons.''

Maureen Waititu
Image: Instagram

Kenyans have now told her to wait till she gives birth and sees how easily things can change.

It was ironic of her to give the advice given her baby daddy Brown Mauzo has babies with different baby mamas with Vera being his third.

Below are some of the reactions.

Mumbi N. Macharia: Download first then come with this statement after a few year's, we shall revisit. Everyone is a candidate for divorce, separation, death, or deformity Never mock someone who is going through this.

Evonne Nelima Sifuma: Mauzo is a perfect candidate for deadbeat. He's already living episode one of runaway dad. Zaa wako mummy.

Winnie Wilfred: She's only talking out of experience zaa kwanza after experience utaleta testimony.

Beatrice Ruga: Hahaha very soon you will be a motivational speaker. We shall revisit.

Charles Green: Let Maureen be Vera, and don't be the one telling her things on social media on what she needs to do. You are not in her shoes and do not know anything about her life and why she is doing that. Just keep off and focus on your life and things!

Maureen Ndunge: It's protecting children from rejection too. Don't be quick to judge.

Mercy Nyaga: Ask the experts. The day you walk in someone else's shoes, will you then know how it feels. You are talking out of inexperience,0% experience.

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