Juliani is the real Igwe among many Kenyan men after the news that he was dating former Machakos first lady, Lillian Ng'ang'a.

The conscientious rapper has been laying low as far as musical hits go over the years, but his recent relationship drama has Kenyans interested in him again.

The question in many men's minds has been, "How is Juliani able to land such beautiful women?" Let's not forget that the "Exponential Potential" rapper already has a baby girl with the stunning actress, Brenda Wairimu.

So how is he able to do it? How is Juliani, who doesn't boast of obscene wealth and money, get women who most men wouldn't dream of even dating?

How does a man who isn't the most handsome man I have ever seen, date and GET such attractive women?

I might have the answers for you. Let's begin:

First off, I think Juliani is a man who is very confident, an intangible trait that many women can sense when they talk to him.

This is an attractive trait for any man who wants to woo a woman and shows "potential" leadership and protective instincts in him.

Secondly, the man's game or lugha in Swahili must be impressive. All ladies look for congruence in a man who is dating/trying to woo them.

Is he who and what he says he is? A lot about game/lugha is based on what's going on between a man's ears. If he doesn't believe what he's telling a woman, then how is she supposed to believe him?

Thirdly, I think that the entertainer has learnt how to make a woman feel alive when she is around him.

That is to say, that when a woman is with him, he makes them feel like they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Let's not forget that many handsome and wealthy men don't have to impress the beautiful women who flock to them. Their money and looks do that for them.

But when you don't have a lot of that, just like Juliani, you work with the tools you have. That means you give them the women the best of yourself.

Lillian Ng'ang'a smiling with Juliani
Image: Courtesy

This one only works as long as you also have a great life of your own, in this case, he has a notable musical career.

The women have to know that you are sacrificing your own precious time to serenade them with your awesome self. Something isn't appreciated when it is readily available but when it is earned.

Fourthly, grow some dreads. People often joke that ugly men should grow dreads to get with women. While people think it is facetious, I think it is actually solid advice.

Dreads give the appearance of a dark and mysterious bad boy, something that works wonders with a significant amount of ladies.

I don't know why? Maybe, it's the notion that a dread-locked man is dangerous and wild and that these traits will keep her safe from the world. Maybe...I really don't know.

Lastly, be great in the bedroom. Need I say more? Nah...

At the end of the day, this is my opinion and it just might be garbage...You be the judge.

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