•Friend says Zari was gossiping about her

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan got angry at Norma Mngoma, a woman that was once upon a time her friend. Zari shared a photo of Norma on social media and said she was going to expose her and 'strip her naked.'

She went on to call her fake.


It turns out that the friend, in an interview with South African influencer and YouTuber Lasizwe, said that Zari was not a true friend. 

Norma said that Zari had been back-biting her while on a trip to Zimbabwe.

"I stopped talking to her then she started texting me asking me, then I unfollowed her and deleted the pictures and I've never said anything until today."

"Our friend that we hooked Zari with told me what Zari said about me while they were in Zimbabwe. "

"Zari said I must stop talking to you (Lasizwe). So I decided to ignore Zari and take your side. I didn't like a friend that was honest only in my presence but in my absence, you're not. I didn't feel the need of explaining myself. I distanced myself."

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