•The shoes are handmade by Italian craftsmen


Godfather of genge Nonini - real name Hubert Nakitare - has launched his own shoe line.

The 'Manzi Wa Nairobi' hitmaker on Instagram shared a sneak peek of how the unisex kicks look like.

"Make a product 100 people love rather than 1000 people kinda like! #Mgenge2RU Kicks (Unisex)." he wrote


"I designed the white part on the sneaker so that when I pull up in your city, I come and autograph for you 🇰🇪Creating and distributing custom shoes is a remarkable achievement, and one that deserves recognition in the footwear industry. I think it's kind of a big deal to be recognized by an international company ama? Humbled."

A pair of the Mgenge 2ru kicks will cost you 240 dollars which is Ksh 24,400. The shoes are said to be handmade by Italian craftmen from Pristine Italian leather.

Check them out;

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