• Mammito said she first had sex after high school. 

Image: Instagram

Content creator and Churchill Show comedienne Eunice Wanjiru Njoki, alias Mammito says only a well-endowed man can drive her wild in bed.

In an interview with Wasafi Media, Mammito said she first had sex after high school.

''The rest were boyfriends. High school boyfriends used to bring me sweets and write me messages and some dedicated love songs to me.''

Mammito is currently dating Butita. She said the two are free with each other.

Mammito with Butita
Mammito with Butita
Image: Twitter

Asked to describe her choice of a man, Mammito said away from money, most Kenyan women considers dating men with huge mjuls.

''I love men who have money. Siteseki nikiwa mdogo, na ndoa pia. You should have dreams at least. Tena, Huwezi kosa pesa tena maumbile yawe madogo. Sidhani kuna mwanamke anapenda maumbile madogo. If you don't have money, you should be good in bed. Sex also helps in taking care of our skin, so very important.''

She addressed the issue of Ben 10's sayings some rich Kenyan women pay men for sex.

''In Kenya we call them 'Wamama Wa Harrier. They have a lot of money, they take well built men and take them in their houses to satisfy them in bed.''

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