• Milly felt vengeful after Terence cheated on her with another woman(Anita Soina). 

Terence and wife Milly
Image: Instagram

Milly Chebby has revealed that she had planned to cheat on her husband, Terrence Creative. 

According to Milly, she felt vengeful after Terence cheated on her with another woman (Anita Soina). 

In a question and answer session on her YouTube channel, Terence asked; 

What is the closest you have ever gotten to cheating on me? 

Milly Chebby replied;

"When you cheated, you came back when I was about to cheat." 

In the session, Terence tried to explain that he has no absolute reason as to why he cheated on Milly Chebby. 

"When you cheat with somebody, it doesn't mean the other one is bad. It's always your fault, I believe we all have choices, you can decide to do it or not. 

I have never found a complete answer to this question because cheating has no excuse. Do not ask me if I regret what I did, I may not have answers to that."

He explained that he is aware of how damaging the affair was to both Milly and Anita. 

"You are not the problem, it's me, even you (Soina) are not the problem, it was me. I don't want to put the devil here. Nilijipata tu!" he said.

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