•Zari was dating Cedric who was rumoured to be Lasizwe's boyfriend

Zari Hassan and Cedric
Zari Hassan and Cedric

South African media personality and Youtuber Lasizwe Dambuza has spoken for the first time on Zari Hassan's relationship with Cedric Fourie.

Cedric was rumoured to be dating Lasizwe before Zari Hassan came into the picture.

In Lasizwe's show 'Drink Or Tell The Truth' Lasizwe said he wouldn't ever want to work with Cedric. 

"Wouldn't ever want to work with Cedric. We were really good friends and where I went wrong is that I started mixing people. In life, never mix friends. No longer friends."

Cedric and Lasizwe
Cedric and Lasizwe

Then the Zari question came up.

"What happened between you and Zari? And is it true that she took Cedric away from you?" He was asked.

Lasizwe said that Zari was his friend but decided to let her go.

"Everything was going super well and then there was a  rumour. From there, I said, these people, I don't want them in my life. I don't want people that will instigate things and frame me as if I was the one that instigated the whole video."

"I was mad at Cedric. Why didn't he defend me, he has known me the longest. I've known you for so long, you know my secrets, you've known my family. And then someone comes into your life all of a sudden you are in Zimbabwe, you are doing all these things, flying out. Amazing but don't forget my friendship."

An emotional Lasizwe broke down into tears saying he misses Cedric.

 Last year, Zari was flaunting the South African gym enthusiast as her 'King Bae.'

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