Corazon Kwamboka had a very informative Q and A session with her fans and followers this evening. 

One of the things she answered was about her experience having a C-Section with her first child. A follower had asked, "How's the pain after the CS and how long did it take it to heal?"

The lawyer cum socialite didn't have any fond memories of the procedure saying that she had taken 8 months to fully heal!

"The worst, kwanza after 2 weeks when the pain meds are finished. And the back pain and the headaches? I don't understand people who decide to choose CS. 'Ati to avoid spoiling their vagina', What nonsense!"

(Let's not forget that fellow socialite Vera Sidika has insisted that she will choose to undergo a CS for her current pregnancy)

Corazon went on to add, "I wouldn't wish a CS on anyone. I can say I completely healed month 8 hapo that's when even the back pains stopped."

Check out her complaint below:

Corazon Kwamboka screenshot
Image: Courtesy

During her Q and A, she also revealed when she and Frankie would move in together. She told a fan that it would only happen after they got married.

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