• "With the help of your parent , draw your governor."

CBC illustration
CBC illustration
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Competency-based curriculum(CBC) that has been implemented in Kenya's education system has raised a lot of concerns from parents. 

The curriculum entails the use practical lessons in schools, other than the theoretical learning that was in the 8-4-4 system. 

With CBC pupils are given assignments, and parents are required to guide them through and provide support materials. 

A section of parents has expressed the stressful time they are having helping their children do assignments.

Eddie shared;

"CBC is asking students for Luo proverbs. Someone help me tumalize homework kabla aende shuleni."

Another one wrote;

"CBC With the help of your parent , draw your governor... Lakini shida ya walimu ni nini?"

Another netizen complained about his relative missing school because of an unfinished assignment. 

He wrote;

"So I make a phone call to shags, accidentally my niece in Grade 1 picks the phone instead of her grandma. 

I ask her why she is not in school, her answer "Tuliambiwa tuende na kikapu kimeshonwa ,mom ananishonea leo" Jeso ! I was speechless, so no kikapu, no school."

"CBC parents have just taken a picture of a mosquito resting on a bed-net, ready for printing at a cyber cafe before the bus arrives at 5am tomorrow."

"A CBC parent somewhere is right now holding a chicken hostage so that the child can draw a live chicken and color it.

And then they will wait for the cock to crow at 4 am and record the crowing, so that the sound can be played in class tomorrow."

The curriculum has sparked debate from parents, prompting lawyer Esther Angawa to start working on a petition against CBC.

"I have set up angawacbcpetition@gmail.com to receive information from education experts, teachers, parents to help build a formidable petition against CBC," she announced.

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