• Nyota Ndogo she said she was in love.

Nyota Ndogo's new 'Bae' OfficialPday has posted a cryptic message on his Instagram page suggesting that he received threats from her Mzungu bae.

Pday Hurrikane wrote;

''You left her, I took her now she is happy you need her back to you.won't accept that nonsense if you have money I have God....let us see.@nyota_ndogo pliz stand by me.''

Nyota Ndogo posted the new man on her social media, suggesting that she had moved on months after her Mzungu husband dumped her.

Nyota, who has since released a song with the new 'Bae' wrote;

''Kwani mtu anachukua mda gani kupenda tena? Kupenda ni moyo jamani niacheni mtoto toli kanimaliza sijui nimtag mumjue.'' [How long does it take for someone to fall in love again? Love is heart matters.]

When Mpasho.co.ke reached out to Nyota Ndogo she said she was in love.

The two have since released a love song together.

A Love song That Talks About how Love is too sweet and loverbirds who know how to handle each other. The audio is produced by Kubwa Studios under Teknixx Video shot and Directed by Mac Choka Ace Cinema Visuals co.

Nyota Ndogo was dumped by her husband Dutch national Henning Neilsen after April fools' prank, where Nyota lied that she is pregnant.

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