2021 is probably the year that Lillian Ng'ang'a has faced the most scrutiny in her life. It is so bad that she is facing the ill that comes with it, namely cyber-bullying and trolling.

In a recent post, she made on her Instastories, Lillian complained about the way Kenyans can be very mean online, writing,

"Case study: Why are Kenyans on social media so abusive and full of hatred for people that they don't even know?- Always wishing them the worst?"

Her tirade is most likely based on the hellish publicity (just check out the comments section to her most recent Instagram post) she has been receiving the past month. Truth be told, the publicity has most likely eclipsed what she experienced as Alfred Mutua's partner for 10 years!

And that's all because of her love life. Last month, the beautiful dark-skinned lady revealed that she and Alfred had decided to go their separate ways 2 months before her announcement.

But that wasn't all, she came out publicly to confirm that she and rapper Juliani were an item. This was after the musician had played it fast and loose with the information sharing intimate tidbits that alluded to the budding romance.

Juliani went as far as confirming the conjecture that they were dating with some loud and proud posts on his Twitter page.

The posts were received poorly by a tiny section of Kenyans, with some even threatening him. It seems that Lillian only came forward to announce the relationship as a reaction to the threat he had received. 

Lillian Ng'ang'a smiling with Juliani
Image: Courtesy

If you ask me, I think Lillian is like a deer in the headlights as she faces this new situation. Before as the governor's partner, she was fawned over by Kenyans online who put all their hate on Mr. Mutua.

Now as the musician's partner, she is being exposed to a side that Kenyans reserve for their "favourite" entertainers, that of negativity and cynicism.

May Lillian overcome.

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