• Zuchu gave fans a glimpse at the mansion that lays in a serene environment. 


Tanzanian singer Zuchu aka Zuhura Othman is eating life with a big spoon. 

The Sukari hitmaker has just unveiled her magnificent mansion, which she calls 'White House.'

Taking to her social media, Zuchu gave fans a glimpse at the mansion that lays in a serene environment. 

The singer noted that she has managed to amass the wealth by God's grace, being only one year into the music industry. 

"God, I am grateful. Alhamdulillah! One year in the industry and look at the life you have blessed me with," she wrote. 

While sharing her blessings, Zuchu advised her fans not to lose hope. 

"Usije kukata tamaa mwisho wa mapambano ni kifo tu. And never complain about hard work. I repeat usikate tamaa."

Zuchu has been making money moves. Months ago, she bought a brand new car for her mother. 

However, the singer has proven that money can not come in between her and the principles she upholds. 

Recently, she turned down an offer to be a brand ambassador of an alcoholic drink. 

She said she could not take the Ksh 12 Million deal since it is against her Muslim belief. 

"Nisingekuwa nawatendea haki wale watu. Unapotangaza kinywaji ni lazima ukinywe na mimi sio mtumiaji wa vileo. Hiyo dili ilikuwa kama robo bilioni (It would not have been fair to the client. When you advertise a drink, you have to consume it. I do not consume alcohol, the deal was worth Tsh250 million)," Zuchu said.

Her mother, she says, had also warned her against promoting alcoholic drinks.

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