Tanzanian singer, Vanessa Mdee is pregnant. Yep, Vanessa and her partner Rotimi announced the news with simultaneous Instagram posts on their social media pages just a few minutes ago on their Instagram pages.

Rotimi's caption read, "My greatest gift has been you. You changed my life and now we are beautifully linked forever to raise a little us. I pray our son has your glow Your heart, Your mind, and your spirit. I will protect you and our son with everything I have!"

Vanessa for her part wrote, "The greatest gift of all, THANKYOU JESUS for choosing us - it is a true true honor. We are overjoyedIsaiah 55:2 - Al your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children."

For a long time, many people suspected that the Tanzanian musician was pregnant as she had avoided showing body shots of herself the past few months.

Those people were looked at like they were conspiracy nuts but it turns out they were actually right! From us at Mpasho, we send our congratulations to the couple. 

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