Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh Kizangila became the newest homeowner in Kenya this past year after Kenyans came together and funded his brand-new home.

The news was a movie-like ending for the man who has struggled since Covid-19 struck. But it seems that while most Kenyans wanted him settled in something that was finally his, the actor would be willing to sell the home were the right price to come along.

In a recent video on Sleepy David's show Komic Gang ( which was a skit by the way), Omosh was prepared to sell the house if the right offer came to him.

During the performance, he had at first refused to sell it noting that it was a present from Kenyans. He however said that he would part with the home if he was given "Ksh 17 million."

When offered a price of Ksh 15 million, he agreed and said he would sell it. Asked whether he would get into trouble, he said.

"Give it to me, I give you. It is me and you. It is a beautiful, wonderful house. Even when you get in, it is so awesome. The house is mine."

Although it was a joke, I have seen people do foolish things for money in the past. Don't forget that all ideas, even the bad ones started from somewhere, a thought, which the performance piece relayed wonderfully.


So let's begin on why Omosh selling his house would be ill-advised if the thought ever seriously crossed his mind in the future. My reasons are below;

Firstly, the former Tahidi High actor is right that it was a gift. The rules of a gift normally entail that the person given the gift should NEVER sell it.

The only caveat for when one can let go of a gift is by them also giving out the gift to another person and not selling it.

Secondly, while I emphathise with Omosh's financial struggles post-covid I still believe that some of them can be laid at his feet.

It is well documented that he has had issues with alcoholism and has even gone to rehab for the condition and as a result, hasn't been the best steward of his finances.

Was he to sell the house, how sure are we that he will be able to properly re-invest the man for himself and his posterity? 

Thirdly, him selling the house would be a slap in the face of all the Kenyans who came together to crowd-fund and help him from his abyss of debt. 

Him doing this would certainly quench all the good faith that the thespian still has left with a section of Kenyans, something that can most likely affect his career.

I know, I know this article is based on a joke but crazier things have started out as a joke and became real. Does anyone remember Trump announcing that he would vie for the presidency in 2015?

Yep, we all thought it was a bad joke, but Trump would have the last laugh and become the 45th president of the USA.

This article is getting too long, you get my drift. I hope Omosh reads it whether he intends to ever sell the home or not...

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