Sauti Sol is in a spot of bother with some of their fans after they had to reschedule one of their performance dates in the UK.

The boy band announced the news a few hours ago on their social media page where they wrote,

"We regret to inform you that due to visa delays and the Covid-19 restrictions, our UK residency has been rescheduled to October 2021. All tickets remain valid and we look forward to seeing you all very soon."

While a majority of their fans were understanding of the predicament that is beyond the band's control, some others were furious. 

One of the complainers noted that the band was just making an excuse for not honouring the concert dates.

She added that if South African acts were able to perform in the European country, then why were Sauti Sol not also able to do the same?

"SMH!!!!South African artists have not been cancelling! Wameshinda huku!! Am getting my refund and am not paying again. This is like the third time! hui mchezo hapana."

Another questioned the group's integrity as far as when they decide to announce any postponement. The comments are below:

Sauti Sol cancelling 24 hours to any event.

Waseme tu story ya quarantine na hoteli hawataki kulipa.

That’s what annoys me the most about these guyz - they do that every damn time.

If they were not here 10 days ago then definitely they would not come - so why do they communicate now? Unless they were planning to test release which again they should have been here a few days ago. Please tukue serious.

That’s a good point. Things happen but honestly, 24 hours notice inaumiza bana.

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