•Omosh wanted to sell house for Ksh 17 million 


Actor Omosh Kizangila was ready to sell his newly gifted house to a woman who pretended to be a buyer on Sleepy David's show Komic Gang. 

Omosh was accompanied by his assistant Shadrack. At first, he refused to sell the house that was built for him. 

"I can't. It was a present by Kenyans. I can't sell it"

When pushed further and asked how much he would sell it, he said;

"Ksh 17 million."

When offered a price of Ksh 15 million, he agreed and said he would sell it. And when asked whether he would get into trouble, he said.

"Give it to me, I give you. It is me and you. It is a beautiful, wonderful house. Even when you get in, it is so awesome."

Adding "The house is mine."

Well, it seems if it was a serious buyer, the former Tahidi High actor would sell it out.

Check out the video on Komic Gang;

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