• Zari says the friend was there for the followers and likes. 

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan Zari Hassan
Image: Instagram

Zari Hassan is disappointed with one of her friends who was once upon a time a close person to her. 

he South African-based businesswoman shared a photo of the fake friend and wrote;

"I'm living a drama free life because I no longer hang out with fake people like you. You were here for the likes and followers. Every time I tagged you, you got excited when you got followers like a kid in a candy store"

Zari went on to say that she would expose her and strip her naked.


In another post, Zari wrote;

"Its the fake laughs for me on such a low budget show,smh"

In a previous post, Zari said she post to inspire and give wisdom.

"I use my social media platform to share wisdom, motivate and inspire, but if my content trigger you, that's on you. Either way, how you receive my message is your choice."

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