• Anita Nderu will be marrying her fiance Barret. 


Anita Nderu
Anita Nderu
Image: Instagram

Media personality Anita Nderu will be walking down the aisle on Thursday, September 9, 2021. 

In an invites-only ceremony, Anita will be marrying her fiance Barret Raftery. 

Attendants will be required to be extra stylish in their dressing, but stick to flat shoes. 

"Something old, something new, something extra stylish and something blue. Kindly wear flat shoes," reads the wedding invitation card. 

After tying the knot, Anita and her husband will treat their guests to an exciting fun day. 

"We want you to have a fun-filled day, full of love, laughter, dancing, food, and champagne." 

The couple held an exclusive traditional wedding on Sunday, September 5 at the Fort Smith Garden in Ndumbuini. 

There, Anita and Barret's family held talks and agreed on the dowry payment.

Anita Nderu with friends at her Ruracio
Anita Nderu with friends at her Ruracio
Image: Courtesy

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