• A young Jalas is seen in the picture smiling.

Jalang'o shares TBT photo
Jalang'o shares TBT photo
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM's Jalango is proof that people can make it through anything with hard work and determination.

The media personality is never shy about giving his fans a tour of his greatest journey.

He took to his Instagram to reminisce on the good old times in which shared a throwback picture and captioned;

"Many moons ago...we look back and thank God! Here, I was at Kawangware hope centre."

A young Jalas is seen in the picture smiling.

The presenter has had backlash in the recent past over allegations that he is involved in the 'wash wash' business.

This, he dismissed, saying he is a man of integrity. 

"You google yourself unashang'aa hee!

If I was doing this thing they call 'wash wash' I would not be waking up this early. I read and saw how they were trying to fix me.

Ati sijui I have taken photos with the people mentioned.

How I am being the one used to keep the money. You can never take away my integrity. Every single coin I have earned no one has ever cried, I earned it because I worked for it.

It's okay what people assume, sisi tuko tu," he said.

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