Yesterday, Frankie JustGymIt and Corazon Kwamboka surprised Kenyans when they revealed that they were pregnant with their second child.

This came hot on the heels of the news that Frankie had proposed to a pregnant Corazon when they went for a holiday in Zanzibar.

While the mtaachana crew inevitably came out to talk ill about the coupling and their future together, I wondered aloud why Corazon had gotten that all-precious dream proposal while Frankie's first baby mama, Maureen hadn't?

That is a question that I know most honest women who have split up with a man who then proposed to the next woman he dated have surely asked?

"Why didn't he propose to me? What did she do that I didn't?" That question can eat up many a woman and it makes sense why. It makes one question their efficacy and suitability as a potential mate.

I might have the reason for that, it is whether the woman will give him peace in their marriage? Simply put, a sane man wants peace in his marriage.

While the famous phrase that men want s3x, food, and silence bears a lot of truth, in this case, the silence speaks about peace and not a woman keeping quiet.

Most men normally complain about the issue of persistent nagging in their marriages, which is the single most pressing complaint other than a lack of s3x.

This issue has been talked about in many ancient texts over millennia and proves that most men treasure peace in their homes above all else. 

A peaceful woman is a haven for her man and a resting place away from the troubles of life, something that Corazon might very well be for Frankie. ( This isn't to say that Maureen wasn't peaceful and restful)

Added to that, a smart man will sacrifice looks and many other things in a woman for a peaceful and cooperative woman. 

That is why many handsome men will settle down with women who are clearly below their level in the looks department. 

These good-looking men have found something precious in these women, a peaceful and cooperative spirit, something that is arguably the most important trait in a potential wife.

But those are just my thoughts. What do I really know? 

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