Tedd Josiah is probably the most famous single father in the country. The famous producer is known for his wonderful relationship with his daughter, Jameela Wendo, whose mother famously passed on in 2017, 3 months after giving birth to their daughter.

Since then, Tedd has been very vocal documenting his relationship with his daughter on his social media, to the praise from many.

But as with all things in life, not everyone has been a fan of his, calling him out for the over-exposure of his daughter to the public.

Some have said that his posts aren't all altruistic but might be about exploiting his daughter for more fame and gain.

But I digress, a few hours ago the legendary "Unbwogable" producer asked for empathy or better still indifference from Kenyans as far as dealing with single parents wrote.

Using his social media page, he wrote,

"Sometimes it’s the people closest to u that cause you the most pain. Children who find themselves with just one parent go through a hell they can’t express yet they get made fun of by their own relatives and in school. Everyone has a burden to carry don't make the burden a single parent even heavier, please! If you can’t be the peace for either a single mom or single dad then please let them be."

His message is below;

His post got nearly unanimous support from his fans and followers who thanked him for speaking on the issue.

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