WCB President Diamond Platnumz made waves both professionally and personally this past weekend after releasing his new song, "Naanzaje".

Not only has the song broken records musically, with the song garnering over 1 million views within 13 hours of being uploaded on YouTube, but it has renewed interest in his love life.

Yes, Chibu, the man with the wandering eye has been as single as a male leopard since Tanasha Donna dumped him last year. Colour me surprised...

In the singer's new song (which is already trending at number one in Kenya and Tanzania), he alludes to still being in love with former girlfriend Wema Sepetu, even though he doesn't mention her specifically,

"When I watch this video, especially this piece I remember very far... the days of deep love with Madam... The days when we locked ourselves in the house all week, I would avoid recording and even when a performance came up, I would find a reason for my absence," he wrote.

His own mother, Mama Dangote, who knows him better than anyone on this earth, confirmed that her favourite child was singing about Wema Sepetu.

"Madam kama madam lakini sepewesewe… aka sepenga Wema Sepetu, sio maneno yangu, ni maneno ya Simba," she wrote. 

A quick history lesson between Diamond and Wema...

The two dated for nearly 3 years before he moved on to Zari Hassan. After that, he would also have two other kids with two other baby mamas who I will not mention at the moment. 

While Diamond's confession this week might surprise some, Wema herself has also spoken of the past stating her envy for Zarinah in 2020.

She said that used to envy Zari after the Ugandan ended up with Chibu after their breakup. She added that she felt that the mother of 5 was living her dream life with Diamond and that her (Zari) getting pregnant for him within months of meeting him, used to disturb her a lot.

Zari herself said in an interview with BBC Swahili, that the act of Diamond getting cozy with Wema at singer Mbosso’s launch party in January (2018), was the reason that made her dump Diamond a month later.

Now that the history lesson is done, the question is this? Does Diamond really want Wema back? I don't think so.

But does he want what he shared with her? I think so. The love he had with and for Wema I believe was an innocent one for Diamond, one that had the awe and wonder of a Disney cartoon of yore. In essence, Wema represents an idea of what Diamond sees a loving relationship should be.

Their love came before the cynicism and pessimism that often affects a man who has dated ( and slept with) many women.

I think Diamond realises that that love he shared with Wema was most likely the purest expression of love he has ever encountered so far. A love that was filled with enchantment and amazement and the promise of greater and better for him, sort of like a fantasy.

Now after dating dozens and dozens of women, I think that the boy from Tandale is coming to the realisation that he will never love like that again.

Why? Because he is too jaded. Sadly, the man who sings love ballads cannot fall in love anymore...

But what do I know?

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