Famous Kenyan weightlifter, Winnie Okoth recently spoke to Wabosha Maxine on her weight-lifting journey.

But what many might not know about her is what her own parents thought about her choice of career when she was starting out.

She admitted that at first both her mom and dad had their own issues about it, "My dad didn't understand. My mom was very scared saying that it would affect my future health and marriage prospects. For now they are very proud after seeing me on magazines."

Where her mother's fears about her dating life justified? "I had a boyfriend who was worried about my crossfit training and I dumped him afterward."

What about her husband? "He is actually excited because he knows all the hard work that has gone in. He is very supportive. I can lift more than him. He is a bodybuilder."

Had societal body standards society affected her? "At first, it bothered me. But now I am good as training makes you confident. Also, many of the people who criticise you can't even do half of what you do?"

She said that when she was younger, her desire was to become like legendary American sprinter, Marion Jones. "The uniforms were also something I liked."

Winnie explained that she is the eldest child with two younger siblings.

"We are 3, I have a younger brother and sister. I am the firstborn. I am like their leader. Its quite challenging. It hasn't been easy being the firstborn. My brother is 25 and my sister is 17. My bro just graduated. I am helping with the fees for my sister."

"In High School, I was the games captain. I played basketball and was even the best in Rift Valley. In university the course I did forced me to do a lot of outdoor stuff. The course was sports management."

What had made her get into weight-lifting and the fitness industry?

"I started Crossfit in 2014. There I met my mentor and I started training with them. It is a functional fitness program that focuses on daily movements. Crossfit led to weight-lifting. I was introduced to the weightlifting team as I was already proficient in the snatch technique."

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