Murugu Munyi formerly Yummy Mummy, is gushing for joy today after testing negative for Covid-19.

The famous brand influencer announced the news on her social media page a few hours ago with an ecstatic message,

"I’m out of isolation! I tested negative yesterday and legit cried as I was running to hug and kiss my kids."

She noted that she wouldn't be taking things like life, health, family, and freedom for granted anymore.

"My appreciation for life, health, family, affection and just freedom is so renewed. Never taking them forever granted ever what a truly life-changing experience."

She later added  that the worst thing about isolation for her was the feeling that she wasn't in charge of her home anymore

"Besides not being able to hug and kiss my kids, the worst thing about isolation is not feeling like I am in charge of my house anymore! What time the kids are eating and going to sleep, what is being cooked, how things are looking downstairs, serving my own food."

She admitted that it was a bit upsetting that things had still gone on without her.

"We (women) like to imagine nothing will get done and no one will survive when we’re not around. Honestly, it hurt a little that the world continued to move without me."

Her messages were met with joy from her fans and followers as they were happy that the mother of 3 had beaten a disease that had brought the world to its knees.

We here at Mpasho, thank the Lord Jesus that Mrs. Munyi is doing well.

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