• Mrs Ngatia said she has had a rough time dealing with landlords.

Omosh and Mrs Ngatia
Omosh and Mrs Ngatia
Image: Courtesy/Kamuhunjia

Comedian Omosh's wife, Mrs Ngatia has asked for help from well-wishers to build a house. 

Speaking to Hiram Maina, Judy Wacuka, who is well known as Mrs Ngatia said she has had a rough time dealing with landlords. 

Accompanied by Omosh, Mrs Ngatia said that she has a parcel of land in Karura, where she is supposed to build a home. 

"If I get a house, even a one-bedroom Mabati house so that I am not bothered by paying rent in Nairobi. I am asking for even a Mabati house, right now, I live in a bedsitter that I pay Ksh 5,000," Mrs Ngatia said. 

The mother of three said that life after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has not been easy since her acting job ended. 

"I was very glad to work on Tahidi High. I Used to feed my children and educate them because of that job. Then COVID came, my children and I started having it rough, we have been kicked out of houses, children kicked out of school," she said. 

According to Mrs Ngatia, her suffering has left her embarrassed. 

"I was kicked out of a house, with the landlord saying that we have money, and Omosh has a big name. That thing has affected me psychologically I feel like dressing covering my face when walking around."

Months ago, Omosh pleaded for help, and his cry was heard. Well-wishers helped him build a house, which is currently occupied by his second wife.

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