Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kiss FM radio presenter Kamene Goro has advised young people to have fun but be careful lest the fun ends up ruining their reputation in the process.

We have in the recent past seen young lads doing stuff that is heartbreaking as they are clueless on what the future holds.

Speaking about her early 20's Kamene shared, "I was very wild between age 20-23.

But there is something I did to ensure that I would be able to live the rest of my life safely enough.

I made sure there was no record of my wild days. You don't need to record, post, or publish some of the things you do.

I know you are young wild and free, you want to live your best life you want to dress the way you want.

Those are your liberties and am not going to tell you not to do some of these things.

The thing about living in this digital era is that it will remain permanent."

She added, "You do this at age 20, you go pursue a degree and apply for a job only for the video to reappear. You don't have to record everything.

Don't give people an opportunity to deny you an opportunity you deserve. Don't do something today that will affect the rest of your life negatively."


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