Kamene and Nviiri tease fans with a beautiful "What if" photo

What's going on with Kamene Goro and Nviiri the Storyteller. The two sparked an uproar among their fans after the Kiss100 presenter posted a photo of herself with the singer.

Her tongue-in-cheek caption read, "If he doesn’t look at me like this I don’t want it Anyway @nviirithestoryteller birthday shots?"

The two looked to be very comfortable in each other's presence something that their fans were quick to notice.

Some of those comments are below:

Pombe sigara anaeza acha ..lakini wasichana ni Kama laaana

You don't want what

He 'bout to risk it all

looking awesome


Hapo sawa

Ye ndo anabomoa iii mali

Perfect match.

Kuna vyenye

The guy is looking at holy basilica


Hii baridi aaaah

Hapo sawa

Nviirithestoryteller be like, "damn!! and here i was thinking my dreams were big"....

Tako si tako breh

Only legend can understand why he is pocketing.

Moto kama pasi

Enyewe Nviiri na madem anawapendaa!

Women will always make everything about them.

Nviirithestoryteller macho

He's gazing at the dem sweet tingz.

It would be interesting if anything was going on between Kamene and Nviiri as he was recently linked with Over25 star, Jules. ( I personally believe that both are just joshing)

And that's not all, wasn't Nviiri also linked to another content creator, Elodie Zone just a few months ago? 

Nviiri and Elodie's relationship could best be described as dramatic, to say the least. Maybe Nviiri is on the hunt again for "wanawake" as his famous song goes.  Who knows?

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