•Wolper was engaged to two different men

Jacqueline Wolper and her new boyfriend
Jacqueline Wolper and her new boyfriend

Jacqueline Wolper is the ex-girlfriend of singer Harmonize. The two had a very public and tumultuous relationship and fans almost thought they were going to walk down the aisle. Yes, it ended up in premium tears and a diss song was released 'Nishachoka'

Wolper accused Harmonize of infidelity while the singer accused the actress of being funded by rich men.

Since then Harmonize has jumped from relationship to relationship and even got a child out of wedlock. He has since been reported to have been divorced by his Italian lover.

Early this year, he got into trouble after he was alleged to have been dating a mother and her child; Fridah Kajala and Paula Kajala, who is now dating Harmonize's rival Rayvanny.

Enough of the Konde Gang musician.

Jacqueline Wolper has kept her relationships a secret until May last year when she was engaged to model Chidy Designs. The two stayed for three months as each after the proposal and called it quits.

Mid this year, Wolper gave birth to a child fathered by another businessman and fashionista Rich Mitindo.

Over the weekend, she was engaged to Mitindo. This is her second engagement. Taking to Instagram, she shared how happy yet emotinal she is to have been asked for a hand in marriage.

"Hakuna kitu kinaleta furaha kubwa maishani kama kuchumbiwa/kuolewa na mwanaume unaempenda sana MUNGU amenitimizia furaha yangu ya pili baada ya mtoto.....nimeona na kusikia baadhi ya watu wakisema eti nimelia wakati ni pete ya 4 sijui ya 3, yah ni kweli nimelia tena sana maana hata baada ya pale pia nililia sana nyumbani"

(There's nothing better than being engaged to a man you love. God has fulfilled his second promise after I got a child. I have heard people say that this is my 4th or 3rd proposal and yet I've cried. Yes, I cried so much that I even cried some more when I got home)

Wolper added that the marriage proposal she had gotten previously were not at the right time, hence why it didn’t work.

From us, is congratulations to the queen of Bongo Movies.

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