• Former governor now refers to himself as a blogger

Mike Sonko
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Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko's Instagram has changed since he was impeached late last year.

The former Mhesh now calls himself a blogger and has been sharing some shocking opinion on trending topics.

Here's are five times Sonko has shared such on his Instagram;

1. When speaking about the recently separated couple, Machakos Governor and Lilian Ng'ang'a

"My fellow bloggers, can you keep off Governor Alfred Mutua's private life? Kukula na kukuliwa is normal and part of life. Hata nyinyi mabibi zenu wanakulwa tu vile munakulana nje but hawawezi kubali mujue vile tu nyinyi hamukubali wao wajue mukikulana nje." He said

"@ngangalillian, you are a strong woman and continue being strong especially during this difficult time when you are undergoing challenges. We say behind every successful man there's a woman. You have been with Dr. Alfred since 2011 when I was elected as MP 15 years ago, meaning you met this guy before he became Governor.

My humble appeal to both of you please, forgive each other and forget about what transpired in your lives as a family and just agree the devil is a liar and he has no place in your lives. This is all about the two of you as a family, so let people talk during the day but they will all go to bed at night and life will go on.

I plead with both of you, sameaneni because hii ni mambo ya kidunia. Come on Lilian, think about it!! Naku Mutua ekana na maindu mainge eka na muka waku asyoke musi"

Screengrab of Mike Sonko's Instagram
Screengrab of Mike Sonko's Instagram

2. He challenged pregnant women for a copmetition after sharing a photo of an American athlete who competed while pregnant.

"United States athlete Alysia Montana won the 800mts race at the US nationals despite being 34 weeks or 5 months pregnant. Wamama eehhhh.... wamama aahhhhh.... Ni wamama wangapi wako na ball wanaeza kimbia 200mts wamalize tupange race? Winner 300k, 1st runners up 200k na 2nd runners up 100k."

Screengrab of Mike Sonko's Instagram
Screengrab of Mike Sonko's Instagram

3. After a man murdered his wife

"I'm siding with this man who has killed his wife. Police in Kuresoi South on Tuesday nabbed a man for killing his wife and lover after he found them on his matrimonial bed.

Peter Cheruiyot allegedly stabbed his wife Agnes Kirinyet and her lover Christopher Korir after he found them making love. Fellow men if you find your wife having with another man on your matrimonial bed what will you do?"

Screengrab of Mike Sonko's Instagram
Screengrab of Mike Sonko's Instagram

4. When a woman who was allegedly infected with HIV threatened to expose her alleged past lovers.

"Kama wewe ni mtu wa kupenda dry fry basi sema kimeumana.A lady by the name Ruth James has vowed to name men she has infected with HIV.

Speaking bitterly through her Facebook page, Ruth claimed she has infected countless number of men willingly and she has all the names. In one of the posts, she said;“I want to expose everyone i have given HIV," Sonko quoted

Adding that;

"The lady has been living in Nyayo Estate for more than 5 years. She claims that the number of men she has infected with HIV is shocking—over 500. Some of the men are married with stable families.Her situation is worsened by the fact that she is depressed after men dumped her one by one when they realized she has infected them with HIV. She now wants to die. Here is a warning she gave to her followers:“Dying is the best thing.“I have suffered a lot”kama wewe ni mtu wa dry fry Sema tena kwa sauti "Kimeumana"

5. He revealed to have predicted Grand P and girlfriend's separation

"Hawa we said watawachana na finally it has come to pass. What do you think could be the main reason ya wao kuwachana?"