•"When we moved into this apartment in May we were given a grace period of 7 days to pay our rent." - Xtian Dela

Xtian Ndela and his bae Fatma
Image: Instagram

Content creator and social media influencer Xtian Dela and his pregnant girlfriend Fatma Banj have been thrown out of their house.

The couple has been given the notice to move out within a month.

 Through their YouTube channel, Xtian shared:

"We have two phases, and we live in Phase 2. So the caretaker from phase 1 came and very rudely knocked on our door demanding rent.

When we moved into this apartment in May we were given a grace period of 7 days to pay our rent.

We moved here on the 11th and our rent is due on 11, but we have up to the 18th to pay.

 Once you pay rent, you are supposed to forward the message to the caretaker as they do not accept cash payments.

In May, we were to pay our rent on Friday but it could not go through as the Idd holiday was due and banks were resuming work on Tuesday.

I had half the cash with me (tangible cash) I told our caretaker about it but he told me that he could accept half the rent.

I had to ask for help from a friend."

Fatma says in June 2021 they also landed in trouble with the agents after they failed to get a place to load money into their phones so that they could pay the rent.

"In June we had cash in full and I was to go to the salon and load that money but I forgot.

The caretaker came and knocked on the door demanding rent."

Xtian added:

"I had the whole amount but I could not find a Mpesa shop to load the cash into my mobile phone as the agents don't accept cash.

I had even sent our caretaker Lameck to go and load the cash but he did not succeed.

The caretaker went and switched off the lights.

On the same night, I was to have a meeting with some sponsors who had agreed to be on board for my Member of Parliament campaigns.

We were to raise a good amount of money but we lost all that.

I lost the deal and as we speak I have sued the management. For the amount of money I am paying in this house you cant just bully me.

It does not matter how much I pay."

"We have been kicked out not because we cannot afford the rent or because we make noise.

We cannot raise our baby here. There is too much drama."

Xtian says that he received a letter asking him to move out as the owner wants to move into the house.

On contacting the owner, he told them he lives overseas. 

The couple says most people have moved out as they have been frustrated enough by the management.

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