• "Most people admire and worship the final results they come with but the truth is these people worked for many years to reach that rich status you admire." -Letoya Johnstone

Letoya Johnstone
Image: Instagram

Transgender model Letoya Johnstone says she comes from a polygamous family but that didn't stop her from becoming who she is.

Letoya says the youth nowadays expect too much from people especially the wealthy ones.

The model added that despite having rich stepsisters she has had to work for her own money as she does not want to feel entitled.

Through her socials she shared

"One big problem with most people including the youths of today is too many expectations from our rich friends, allies, or people we hang around.

Most people admire and worship the final results they come with but the truth is these people worked for many years to reach that rich status you admire.

I have been around old money, new money, and those with money. One thing the Youths need to understand is that success is a process and being rich is not a final destination.

People go to space but no one ever reached the sun You can be poor until you reach a stoic situation but that is what the process requires.

If you read from all these people we admire today, most resonates with their success but no one pays attention to the messy dishes and dirty sinks that process the 5-star meal. "

Letoya added

"I have a mother who doesn't know how to read or write, not able to write even her name. I can't speak Swahili.

I have stepsisters who are extremely rich beyond normal. But, I come from a horrible polygamous family.

I have to work hard to become who I wish to be.

Why? Because my past or present is a situation That can change any day. However, it is a process.

My hope is that those children coming from poor families wakes up to a page where there is nothing but the truth about their lived life experiences and reality.

That's why I rarely edit my photos. Good clothes, five-star eating, and new shoes and wigs don't take away our poverty status; it just hides it.

It's like using makeup to bring beauty. After you wash it off, the real you stares at you."

In conclusion, Letoya added

"Today I can't afford the lifestyle I admire but who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Success is a process. Let's normalize our current status of poverty or lack of enough.

I know it's boring but then, that's who some of us are.

We ask for help and we let the world know that it is okay not to be okay. Does it get us lethargic? Of course. Do we give up on life?

Hell NO. We learn from it and we find tools to fix what we don't have. It's the gratitude that turns what we have into enough."

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