•They have been together for 13 years

Rashid Abdalla and wife Loulou Hassan
Image: Instagram

Rashid Abdalla and his wife Lulu Hassan have been serving couple goals for a long time now. The couple co-hosts the weekend news together on Citizen TV.

Their co-working has made fans fall in love with them even more. Previously, Rashid Abdalla was anchoring news at NTV before he took Kanze Dena's place, who acquired a job as Statehouse spokesperson.

Well, Abdalla has shared a photo showing his wife Lulu cooking on a three-stoned fire cooker while baredoot and wrote;

"Akikupenda wewe muache akipenda uwewe usimuache." (If she loves you, leave her but if she loves who you are, don't leave her)

The couple have kept their private lives on the low key and have been inspiration to some of their followers.

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