• Sean Andrew Kibaki hopes to maintain a big heart

Sean Andrew
Sean Andrew
Image: Instagram

Social media influencer Sean Andrew Kibaki is mourning the death of a friend.

The grandchild to former president Mwai Kibaki has broken his silence a week after his friend's death.

"It's been a week since the news changed all our lives.I know you wished to see the best of our lives moving forward from wherever you are now, imma try and have a big heart just like yours.

Damn we do miss you bro... Long Live Dwayne K. Rest well. Simba if you see this I wish you a quick recovery, I'll see you soon.

To everyone who wished well via messages and calls, if I haven't responded I will shortly thank you and I appreciate you all" he wrote. 

The late had been posted by his close friends on social media including Sean's elder brother Kibaki Jnr.

Sean has been on the low key on social media for days now.