•“If women can manage to get money from accountants and the way they are stingy we niambie." - Mwalimu King'ang'i

Maina Kageni
Image: Instagram

Kenyan men have accused women of being manipulators saying they do not love and only do so when they are bound to benefit.

This they shared with Maina Kageni during the Morning Conversation on Classic 105.

Mwalimu King’ang’i was in support of the men saying that most women are only there for the money and when it ends, they move on swiftly.

“If women can manage to get money from accountants and the way they are stingy we niambie.

There are ladies who can smell money. Your mother asks you to send her money unasema hauna yet you are spending it on women.

With such behaviors your money will always get finished in bars na ingine inaibiwa.”

Below are some more reactions from Kenyans.

Simon Mutua: Even our wives we don't love them, we married them for different reasons, so yes!! Normally people find their true love after marriage, Earth has never been easy any single day!!

Ngendo Mwangi Kibicho: Most men who claim to be used are married men running after small girls, hapo utaitana my friend.

Keem Mohamed: It's only because Kenyan ladies live a lie. They want to act like the Kardashians, yet you are a civil servant and she's not working. Ile maisha tunapitia through....hadi unakwama na ma loans yeye akiwa njiani akienda zake.

Kelvin Akula Otieno: True unapata kimzee kizima kimekorogwa akili kinakaa mtoto, kwanza Hawa wasichana wafupi mwili ndogo ogopa hao Sana wanaweza kupa stress kwa nyumba Hadi umwachie nyumba.

Victor Ombagi Raini: The Kind of woman a man chooses can tell you the kind of a person he is, you act rich you attract hooligans, you stay humble and respectful, then you get a woman who is even shy to tell you to send me credit, but you being a gentleman you send her without asking,that is true love.

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