•Singer is targeting Amapiano fans


Nasib Abdul aka Diamond Platnumz has gone international since he started his music career ten years ago.

The boy from Tandale seems to have been very intentional with his audience.

It is evident that he has already managed to capture the East African audience and so, the Tanzanian singer has gone ahead to get the attention of Francophone countries with collabos from Inoss B, Fally Ipupa, Koffi Olomide among others.

This time, the singer is aiming at South Africans as he tries to collaborate with Amapiano artistes.

He shared a video in a studio with South Africa's Mastercraft and Nigeria's Flavour, then shared his two cents on why many artists fail to go international;

"Kutolisoma Soko Na Kuthubutu Ndio Kunawafanya Vijana Wengi Kushindwa Kuvuka Kimataifa Na Kuishia Kuimba Miziki Ileile Na Kubakia Pale Wakihofia Kwamba Wakiimba Muziki Nyumbani Watu Hawatoipenda Na Watatukanwa, Pasipo Kujua Kuwa Kuna Baadhi Ya Miziki Wanatakiwa Kuachia Kwaajili Ya Kutagert Soko Fulani Ili Kuongeza Mashabiki Na Soko Jipya Na Sio Kwaajili Ya Kuwaridhisha Watu Wa Nyumbani Kuna Somo Kwenye #ABEKE''

(Not studying the music industry and taking risk is the reason why many people fail to go international while doing the same thing, with the fear that people might not love the music. You need to know that there's some type of music you need to release to target a certain audience and attract their fanbase)

In another post, he wrote;

'World hits Only this time'

Diamond is set to release his second studio album this year.

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